CEO’s greetings


CEO’s greetings

At DS Networks Asset Management
Company (DSNAMC),

we are wholeheartedly committed to positioning ourselves with the change in the financial sector
by pioneering untapped markets and developing new products that meet the demand of our investors.

Greetings and welcome to our website! We, DS Networks Asset Management Company (DSNAMC), established ourselves as a real estate and alternative investment specialist firm in 2018, inheriting a 50-year legacy of successes enjoyed by DS Networks, a reputable real estate developer.

We live in an era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), characterized by technological advancements taking place at the speed of light and the changes in virtually all sectors accelerating at a dizzying pace.

The finance industry is no exception. As mass- production and consumption have given way to the era of multi-item, small-batch production, our sector is also stepping into the time where the job of us financiers is to develop products that are tailored specifically to the individual needs of our investors as well as cater to them at the most opportune time.

DSNAMC dedicates itself fully to keeping pace with the change in the financial industry, pioneering untapped markets, and developing new products that meet the demand of our investors.

Putting our faith in the simple truth that our investors’ success is our growth, all of us at DSNAMC give our 100% to bring that truth into your reality. We appreciate your support, as well as your expectation.

Thank you.

- CEO Wonjoon Park -






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